Beachboy Robert Höög
Portrait of Robert Höög

Greetings and welcome to Robert Höög Photography. This is my small personal website displaying and selling some of my images.  I hope you will enjoy your stay and consider a purchase.

The printed selection of my photos are available in the shop.  Buy prints in the size of 30cm (11.8 inches) were the short side is 30cm and length/height adjusted to fit the photo proportions. 30cm x 45cm (11.8 x 17.7 inches) is a about the normal size.

I enjoy photography a great deal and have done so since 2013. I started modestly with a Canon EOS 1300. The next step was a went to a 70D (a great camera) and now I'm using a full frame 6D.

I am still learning, as I think even veterans in the fields do, and I marvel at how much small adjustments can make an image pop (pre-post-production, that is). 

Feel free to comment. I am not afraid of criticism so if you have an idea how I could improve the composition, exposure and whatnot. Speak your mind. I always want to develop my skills and learn more. I think photography is a life-long learning. I'm just a humble amateur.

Being constructively criticised will help you grow, I believe, and there are so many enthusiast photographers out there who could share ideas and who are much better than me technically. So comments on my photos are greatly appreciated.

Again, welcome - and enjoy!