Memorable stops along the way of the US South West



In Moab we stayed for two nights. It’s a Mekka for adventurers and nature lovers with many scenic surroundings in and the Colorado River in the area. Canyonlands & Arches National Parks are pure gold for lovers of nature. Absolutely fantastic places that has scenery that etches memories that’ll last to tell the grandkids about.

Unfortunately we we’re a bit pressed for time (as was the case during the entire road trip! The distances in the US is something uncommon for Swedish people) But the day and afternoon we spent in Arches National Park (day 2) the first day, and the hours around lunch time day two in Canyonlands we’re both magical in their own respective ways.

A thought that often came to mind while swishing by on the Highway after having visited any National Park, is that America certainly is a country so rich in natural wonders that if you only get a glimpse of a tenth of it you’ll not be the same person as before you came.

Canyonlands is the closest I’ll ever come to feel like an astronaut. You can spend days, weeks and still not get enough of this enormous place. Have you seen the movie 127 hours? Though a tragic story, it has wonderful footage from the area

Upon leaving after one night with the GPS loaded with the nav for Canyonlands, we stumbled upon this: Twin Rock. We immediately wanted to take a closer look, but never went into the diner depicted in the photo.  Thousands of years of erosion, sand and wind, sculpted these twin rocks.