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Torpa Stenhus

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The first part of the castle Torpa Stenhus was built around 1470 by the councilor Arvid Knutsson.

The wealthy bourgeoisie of the time asserted economic interest in the trade along the prosperous shores of River Ätran and River Viskan. The end of the 15th century were unsettled times. Not only came the threats from Danish troops; local peasants revolted frequently.
The first building was as much a defense and trade construction as a permanent residence for the Castle owner and his family.

During the 16th century Torpa was reconstructed and an extension was added. Initially, the stairway tower was constructed and later the southern part of the Castle was added. The extension was completed around 1550 and served as a dignified enough residence for Gustav Vasa’s brother-in-law and father-in-law, Gustav Olofsson Stenbock. With its unique architecture and beautiful interiors Torpa Stenhus counts among the best preserved medieval castles of the nation.

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